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WE BUY DIAMONDS:   Canadian Estate Diamonds Ltd. is a Vancouver based company which purchases significant diamond and jewellery items from estates, divorces or other dispositions. Canadian Estate Diamonds Ltd. will consider fine quality diamonds and gemstones, 1.00 carat and larger. We provide immediate payment to you through our discrete, safe and professional diamond buying procedures. We are recognized as a large diamond buying specialist and employ trained staff with decades of diamond purchasing experience.

Opportunity for Consignment

We are now accepting items such as gold, large diamond jewellery (over 1 carat) and high-end watches to sell on consignment. We prepare a monthly price list and an online catalogue exclusively for our database of 500+ carriage trade jewelry customers. We will include your consignment items for exposure to these potential "retail" buyers. Please note there is no set amount of time that it takes to sell a diamond, so if you are not in a rush this might be a good option for you. Payment for all consignment diamonds can be negotiated for a win-win end result.

Not in Vancouver? No problem! Fedex available on case by case basis so please call to discuss options.

We will drop all fees on donations to charity

We believe that everyone would like to leave this world a better place. Canadian Estate Diamonds would like to help you do just that.

We will drop all fees and commissions if you choose to donate your diamond jewellery to charity.

Please call or email us for more information.

With this, you are assured of a professional and safe experience when doing business with us. Canadian Estate Diamonds Ltd is conveniently situated in a secure downtown premise and has a trained gemologist on site to accurately evaluate a diamond's current market value while you wait. To learn more about us, and our passion for the diamond industry please visit our Video Page and watch Sterling Faux interview our boss Stephen Ben-Oliel about everything concerning diamonds: from Canada's diamond industry, to China's emerging diamond market, diamond cutting, DeBeers, Africa, and everything about diamonds. A very captivating story.

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I had a necklace from an old inheritance, and was able to bring it to Canadian Estate Diamonds to have it upgraded to a supper nice wedding ring for my fiance. I thought I would just be able to get some cash from the necklace, but they have a lot of really impressive rings – and a whole diamond cutting factory. I was able to get a very nice ring, cut to a new style, and I was able to perform one of the cuts myself! I now tell everyone I made the ring, which is partly true – I did not think I would be able to get half the ring that Stephen helped me sort out. Really impressive operation. Can’t thank you enough!

I have had the opportunity to witness Stephen Ben-Oliel’s personal traits of honesty and integrity both on a casual basis as well as in the business arena. His accomplishments have spawned many in our industry to take note and learn from his steadfast and innovating work attitude.